Happy New Year!


As this is a new year blog, I felt it was only right to acknowledge the new year of 2017! I first started this back in January 2015, with the resolution of trying a new recipe every fortnight. 2 years on and we’re still going strong! Looking back at my posts over the last year, there were so many recipes that I now cook all the time and might never have tried making if it wasn’t for this blog. Thank you to all the readers, followers, friends, family and general supporters of the blog, it’s definitely kept me motivated to see people visiting my humble little blog each day! I’m looking forward to another year ahead of new food challenges and to continue with developing my cooking skills.

Happy new year to you all, wishing you the best for 2017 and luck in your own New Years resolutions. It can be done!



  1. Wow! Congratulations! Your blog looks a lot more mature and polished than the two years it’s been going on for! So glad I came across your blog today as your recipes looks insanely delicious. Excited for the great content that is to come for the upcoming year! xo, Stephanie

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