Berry Nice-Cream

A quick and easy one for you today! So with a little bit of time off between jobs, I’ve been rushing around trying to cram in as much relaxation and social time as possible. While this has been very enjoyable, it does mean I’ve probably had a few too many ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ moments with constantly eating out, justifying delicious snacks (a salted caramel and brownie milkshake topped with ice cream is healthy if it’s dairy free, right?) and never being home enough for a well stocked fridge.

As a result, I’ve been trying to get a few of these in for breakfast because it’s so easy, cheap and doesn’t require much forward planning due to the freezing element. If you frequent food blogs and foodie pages on Instagram, this will be old news to you! But for those of you who don’t, nice-cream is essentially like ice cream but made completely out of fruit so it’s healthy and ‘nice’. All you need is frozen banana for that creamy factor, and a little bit of either fresh or frozen fruit of your choice. I’ve found that frozen fruit worked a little better when it came to strawberries and blueberries, which is what I’ve been using. Play around with the proportions as well – the picture shows a more berry heavy version, if you want it to be more creamy then simply reduce your berry content so the banana comes through more. Easy! I’d recommend chopping the banana before freezing and don’t freeze it with the skin still on. This serves 2.


2 frozen bananas, chopped into large chunks

– half a cup of frozen fruit of your choice, I used a strawberry and blueberry mix

– additional fruit to decorate, optional

How to make it…

1. Pop the banana and other fruit into a blender, adding a few splashes water as required to lubricate the mix. Blend until smooth!

2. Decorate with fruit of you wish, and enjoy!

Thank you Vegan Simplified for the recipe inspiration, this is based on her ‘Blueberry Banana ‘Nice’ Cream’ recipe



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