Cake in a Jar Gift

One of the things I love to do is make personalised gifts for my friends, giving them something no one else has and that references something that you share together. Now, it was recently my best friend from university’s birthday party. Whenever there was a birthday at uni my friends and I would always go all out with the birthday cake – we had a castle, a giant champagne bottle, a barbie cake, a butterfly, a life sized dog cake… You get the picture! She lives quite far away from me now so in amongst full-time work, other commitments and the long journey there, I still wanted to give her a birthday cake.

My cousin Renée recently inspired me with an idea when she bought me dry ingredients cake and I thought I’d give it a go myself! What you get is this lovely layered effect of the different ingredients and then the receiver of the gift just needs to add the wet ones. As for my personalisation if you want to do so too, I used nail varnish to decorate the lid, pink/white coloured string from Tiger and tags from Hema. If you know my friend Sarah, you know it needs to be pink! I also got a spoon with it and used the same string and nail varnish to decorate so it matched. You can of course give this without personalising so I’ll add the crafty bits at the end if anyone is interested in that too.

I made it to be a chocolate cake and the final product looked like this:

I’ve written the ingredients in the different divisions used rather than total quantities, although you can of course use layer it as you wish. I would recommend having the sugar on top though purely because it’s much more malleable than flour, which goes all over the place! Obviously, you will also need a suitable container. The jar I used had the following measurements – Height 14.4cm x Width 12.5cm x Depth 12.5cm.


– 80g light brown sugar

– 70g self-raising flour

– 30g cocoa

– 70g self-raising flour

– 80g light brown sugar

– 100g dark choc chips

As for the remaining ingredients to be added:

– 170g butter

– 4 eggs

– 1 tsp vanilla essence

And you might recommend this tasty icing recipe:

– 115g butter

– 225g icing sugar

– 30g cocao powder

– splash of milk, if required

How to make it…

1. Add each layer in turn, using a spoon to carefully to pat the line flat around the edges.


2. Add the chocolate chips!

As for the cooking instructions:

1. Pour the ingredients from the jar and cream with the butter and vanilla essence until smooth (around 5mins).

2. Add the yolks from the eggs. Whisk the egg whites until firm before folding these into the mixture too.

3. Divide into 2 runs and cake for 25mins at 180°c.

If you want more information about the decoration:

The top  is decorated with normal nail varnish and the writing is done using some of the thin tipped nail varnish applicators the you use for fine nail detail. I use Nails Supreme products for the finer bits.

For the labels, I used the same nail varnish to to create a little box to write the ingredients and instructions in.

I used the pink and white thread around the jar to tie the labels. I then also used it around the spoon to match and used nail varnish to stick the ends.



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